Appeals Court Upholds Death Sentence against Salman Isa, Life Sentences against 5 Others over Charge of Killing Pakistani Officer

2018-03-07 - 10:46 م

Bahrain Mirror: The high appeals court in Bahrain upheld on Wednesday (March 7, 2018) the verdict issued by the cassation court regarding the appeals of 6 defendants accused of killing the Pakistani police officer Mahmoud Fareed, and upheld death sentence against Salman Isa and life sentence against 5 others as well as the ruling revoking the citizenships of all convicts.

The case was overruled by court of cassation and turned to the Appeals court that referred the case to the Supreme Council of Jurisdiction. However, the Supreme Council, once again, turned the case to the appeals court to issue its ruling.

It is to mention that Head of General Security Tarek al-Hassan announced (on June 4, 2014) that there had been an explosion in East Eker that lead to death of Pakistani police officer Mahmoud death due to severe injuries.

The First-Instance court ruled (on April 29, 2015) a death sentence against Salman Isa, and a life sentence against 7 others. The court also issued 10-year jail term sentence against 4 others and ruled the citizenship revocation of all convicts.

The opposition is demanding independent investigations in all security incidents announced by the Ministry of Interior, yet the government rejects such requests.

Human rights organizations accuse Bahrain of using torture to extract confessions that condemn the protestors before the courts, which Amnesty International dubbed "unjust".

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