Cassation Court Upholds Death Sentence against Suspect Accused of Blasting Bomb that Killed Fakhriya Muslim

2018-02-26 - 8:55 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Court of Cassation today upheld the appealed sentences in the case of deliberate murder and foreign intelligence connections, the Chief of Terror Crime Prosecution, Advocate General Ahmed Al-Hammadi, said. The defendants were charged with the deliberate murdering of a woman as a result of detonation of an explosive device. They were also charged with the illegal handling, possession of explosives and weapons, causing the bomb explosion that claimed a human life, endangering public and private transportation, receiving training on the use of weapons and explosives, committing a terrorist crime with other accomplices, harboring a wanted  and inflicting material damage in implementation of terrorist purposes.

On June 19, 2016, the High Criminal Court issued the death sentence against the first defendant, life in jail against the second defendant and three years in prison against seven of the defendants, revoking the nationality of the first and second defendants and obliging them to pay financial compensation for the damage. The court also decided to fine the third defendant and ordered the confiscation of all seized materials. Meanwhile, the Sixth High Court of Appeal issued its sentence by accepting the appeal of eight defendants in form, but rejected it in substance and upheld the sentences.

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