US Department of State: We Will Continue to Have Conversations with Bahraini Government about Nabeel Rajab Case

2018-02-21 - 8:37 م

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: US Department of State Spokesperson Heather Nauert stressed that "the US Department of State will continue to have conversations with the Government of Bahrain about its very serious concerns about Nabeel Rajab case."

Nauret said that "A representative from our embassy was at the last hearing. We know that they rejected his appeal on January the 15th, a little over a month ago."

She added: "We're very disappointed by the court of cessation (cassation) that they made the decision to uphold the verdict sentencing Nabeel Rajab. He's a prominent human rights activist," indicating that the sentencing would be up to two years in prison. She went on to say "we understand there's this separate sentencing that could take place for some of his Twitter activity".

It is to mention that the statement of US Department of State came one day before Nabeel Rajab's trial. A court sentenced him today to 5 years in prison over tweets criticizing war on Yemen and torture in Jaw prison.

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