Bahrain to Introduce Deadline for People to Register Births and Deaths

2018-02-20 - 10:21 م

Bahrain Mirror: A deadline will be introduced in Bahrain for people to register births and deaths. There is currently no time frame for informing authorities, but the Shura Council yesterday approved requirements for new parents and the recently bereaved.

The absence of such regulation in the past led to votes being cast in national elections on behalf of people who were known to be dead, but who had not yet been registered as deceased.

Under the new law, parents should register births inside Bahrain within a maximum 15 days, while births abroad should be registered in 60 days.

Deaths would have to be registered within 72 hours by relatives, the police or doctors - or within 60 days if the deceased was abroad when they died.

Shura Council chairman "Ali Saleh Al Saleh" dismissed claims that the timescale was too short, since the whole process should be available online.

"The actual certificates will be made available for collection at counters or for delivery at a later date to keep as documentation, offering double the assurance," he said.

"In fact the whole process could be done online from anywhere within a maximum of 15 minutes."

Anyone who misses the deadline under exceptional circumstances would still be able to complete the process. However, in that case - and if the government was unable to finalize procedures within 30 days - the matter would be referred to court based on a Shura Council vote yesterday.

The Shura Council also approved punishments of up to six months in jail and fines of up to BD500, or both, for those who violate birth and death registration rules or provide false information.

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