60,000 Foreign Workers Violating Residence Law in Bahrain

2018-02-07 - 10:25 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini House of Representatives agreed to refer to the Cabinet the recommendations of the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee on the phenomenon of informal employment (free visa).

The head of the Labor Market Regulatory Authority Osama Al-Absi noted that there are 2,200 flexible work permits to date since the application yet there are no flexible workers working in the "markets".

For his part, MP Adel Al-Assoumi said that there are more than 520,000 workers in Bahrain, including 60,000 foreign workers, who are breaching the residence law, according to the statistics of the Labor Market Regulatory Authority, in addition to more than 80,000 active trade records.

He further pointed out that there is a severe lack in the Commission for Monitoring Expatriate Workers, as it only comprises 64,000 employees for monitoring more than half a million workers.

He criticized the fact that the relevant authorities have been throwing the blame on one another as well as the absence of a specific body concerned with limiting of the number of foreign workers.Al-Assoumi also pointed out that the workers shelter was insufficient and that this was one of the obstacles recognized by the Government.

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