Al-Shaer and Bouhasan File Lawsuit against Bouhendi and Al-Dosari

2018-02-05 - 7:49 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini MP Khalid Al-Shaer said on Sunday (February 4, 2018) that he had filed a lawsuit to the Attorney-General against MP Anas Bouhendi and Council of Ministers Assistant Undersecretary Ibrahim Al-Dosari over conversations that were leaked yesterday.

An account on Twitter posted conversations between Bouhendi and Al-Dosari, in which they agreed to publish information concerning Parliament Speaker Ahmad Al-Mulla, MPs Khalid Al-Shaer and Jamal Bouhasan.

"Just moments ago, my colleague MP Jamal Bouhasan and I finished filing an official lawsuit to the Attorney-General against Anas Bouhendi and Ibrahim Al-Dosari and whoever was assisting them over the offensive conversations that were published on social media sites," said Al-Shaer via his Twitter page.

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