Activist Sam Walton: Bahrain Sees Any Democracy Call as Direct Threat to Ruling Family

Sam Walton
Sam Walton

2018-02-04 - 3:41 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The British human rights defender Sam Walton said that any democracy call in Bahrain is considered a direct threat to the ruling family, because the government mainly consists of Al Khalifa.

In an interview with the Lualua channel, Walton explained that the government of Bahrain faces Bahrainis demands with tyranny "because no one stops it from imprisoning people or torturing people and we see that happen a lot."

He further stated "even when any small protest takes place here London that people wouldn't worry about, these despotic Arab rulers are very threaten by it and act very badly to it."

Answering a question regarding UK silence towards important cases in Bahrain like Nabeel Rajab's case, Walton said that Britain wants to sell more weapons, adding that "Bahrain used to be a colony of Britain and the king of Bahrain said that he'd prefer if he still be a colony of Britain. This is too shocking. He comes over to Britain every year and he goes to the horse show in Windsor with the queen. Britain is trying to have this kind of relationship because the king has total power in Bahrain, and if we are nice to him maybe he will buy some weapons."

He continued "the British government prioritizes selling weapon above anything else."

With respect to Nabeel Rajab's trial over criticizing War in Yemen, Walton stressed that "Nabeel is an extremely brave man and the sufferings he is willing to undergo to speak the truth is an inspiration." He went on to say that "I think it is call to us, we who do have more freedom of expression, to use this freedom to embarrass states like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to stop the ridiculous armament happening in the gulf and the horrific use of these weapons in place like Yemen."

He further stated "I am sorry my country Britain is not doing anything to alleviate your suffering. I am sorry my country Britain is so complicit and involved in supporting these repressive regimes that do terrible things to you, your families and people. I want to say that you are an inspiration. The people around the world are lifted up, empowered and excited by the actions you take. You lift our spirits and show us that we can do things which we wouldn't know we have been able to do."

Walton concluded saying that "I broke into the Warton base and risk 7 years in prison to try do something about war in Yemen. This is nothing compared to the type of repression that you face. I consider it as my duty to take that type of action. Thank you so much for your bravery and your stand against torture, repression and being internationally for peace and democracy."


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