Al-Wefaq: Regime in Bahrain Practices Policy of Forced Displacement of Indigenous People

2018-02-01 - 9:55 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, the largest opposition political society in Bahrain, said the regime is practicing "forced displacement of indigenous Bahrainis by revoking their nationalities and then demanding that they leave Bahrain since they are rendered stateless."

Al-Wefaq confirmed that this week witnessed the deportation of several citizens and deportation of other citizens, who have long-established origins in their homeland Bahrain, will continue in the coming days.

Al-Wefaq further highlighted in its statement that forced displacement is inhumane and has no legal grounds and is being practiced as part of the policies of persecution and crimes violating human rights along the path of the totalitarian rule that is based on monopoly and tyranny.

Al-Wefaq considered that this policy is "sectarian and racist and reflects a retaliatory approach that always evokes the outdated policies of extremist regimes."

It also pointed out that the regime targeted with this crime the highest Shiite religious authority in Bahrain and a large number of clerics, figures, academics and activists, adding that the regime is continuing this policy by withdrawing their nationalities and depriving them of their lives, which reflects the way the regime in dealing with Bahraini citizens due to the widespread popular movement of the political majority of the Bahraini people, demanding democracy, justice, freedom and humanity, and demanding that they live as the peoples of the stable and civilized world.

Concluding its statement, Al-Wefaq called on the international community to take action in order to stop this racist and inhumane project and to not remain silent in the face of these many blatant human rights violations.

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