Amnesty Int’l Calls for Quashing Maher Al-Khabbaz’s Death Sentence: Trial Relied on “Confessions” Extracted under Torture

2018-01-31 - 9:03 م

Bahrain Mirror: Amnesty International issued an urgent action calling for quashing the death sentence imposed by the Bahraini Court of Cassation against Maher Abbas Ahmad, also known as Maher Al-Khabbaz, highlighting that it followed a trial which relied on "confessions" extracted under torture.

Amnesty stated that on May 11, 2017, the High Court of Appeal upheld the death sentence imposed on Maher Abbas Ahmad; the life sentences on two men, including his brother; and the 10 year prison sentences against six others which also included two of his brothers, all involved in the same case.

His lawyer complained that the court had accepted his "confession" as the main evidence against him, as well as the statements of some co-defendants who said they had "confessed" under duress, and testimonies of police officers called as witnesses. According to court documents, the judges said they would accept the defendants' "confessions" because they believed the confessions were true and that the defendants had sustained their injuries, detailed in forensic reports, when they resisted arrest.

Amnesty also warned that if the King ratifies his sentences, Maher Al-Khabbaz will be at imminent risk of execution.

Amnesty International further urged the Bahraini government to commit to international law and Bahrain's international human rights obligations, also urging it to commute all death sentences and declare an official moratorium on executions.

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