Cassation Court Issues Death Penalty Sentence against Maher Al-Khabbaz

2018-01-29 - 10:05 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain Court of Cassation issued on Monday (January 29, 2018) its ruling regarding the challenge filed by the defendants' attorney in Al-Sahla blast case, including death row convict Maher Al- Khabbaz.

The Court of Cassation adjourned on (January 15, 2018), the sentencing hearing in the case in which Al-Khabbaz is accused of killing a Pakistani policeman in Al-Sahla until January 29. However, Al-Kabbaz denies these accusations.

Al-Khabbaz confirmed that he along with the other defendants were tortured to say confessions that incriminate them in killing the Pakistani policeman Mohammad Assef. The court, however, refused to take Maher's statements into consideration.

The defendants in the case are 9, four of whom are brothers Maher, Fadel, Mohammed and Mortada Al-Khabbaz, along with Isa and Ibrahim Shabib, Falah and Fuad Fadel and Khalil Al-Qassab.

Bahrain faces pressures from human rights organizations to stop death penalties issued against more dissidents after the execution of three opponents of the regime on January 15, 2017.

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