Labour Ministry Increases Minimum Wage: 450 for Graduates and 300 for Non-Graduates

2018-01-26 - 9:24 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini Undersecretary of Ministry of Labor Sabah Al-Dosari said the ministry, with the cooperation of the Labour Fund (Tamkeen), raised the ceiling of wages subsidies for Bahrainis working in the private sector from 400 to 450 BD for graduates and from 270 to 300 BD for non-graduates.

Al-Dosari said that the ministry could so far improve the salaries of 5000 Bahrainis.

He explained that the ministry currently aims at increasing the salaries of 6000 graduates on the ministry's list, indicating that the number of people seeking jobs amounted to 8000.

Al-Dosari pointed out that the support provided by the ministry will cover a period of 3 years. Subsidies will be added to the wages of Bahrainis as part of a project that covers 70% of their income in the first year, 50% in the second year and 30% in the third year.

He further stated that a "job seeker within this project will be eligible after three years for keeping his job," further praising the cooperation demonstrated by employers and companies in the private sector with the project.

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