Saudis are Outraged: #Bahrain_Naturalizes_at_ Expense_of_our_Employment

2018-01-20 - 11:00 م

Bahrain Mirror: Saudis expressed their anger at the political naturalization process in Bahrain, indicating that naturalized Bahrainis are benefitting from being treated as Gulf nationals in the Saudi labor market.

Under the hashtag Bahrain_Naturalizes_at_ Expense_of_our_Employment, tweeters criticized the Bahraini policy in granting citizenship to foreigners, calling on the Saudi authorities to impose restrictions on Bahrainis.

Tweeter Bader Al-Harbi said that many Yemeni nationals holding Bahraini passports "own shops in the largest gold markets in Jeddah (...) unfortunately, our brothers in Bahrain are exporting harm to us."



Meanwhile, tweeter Moudi Al-Bakmi said that "the Yemeni goes to Bahrain to acquire the Bahraini passport and then comes to Saudi Arabia to compete with Saudis." calling on the Saudi government to impose restrictions on Bahraini passport holders.



For his part, Abdulaziz Baddah siad: "Bahrain has naturalized about 40,000 Yemenis, who all work in Saudi Arabia now, what a mockery!" Bahrain Mirror cannot confirm the accuracy of this number.

Bahrain has naturalized tens of thousands of foreigners, including Yemeni, Pakistani and Syrian nationals, since the onset of the new millennium, aiming at changing the island kingdom's demography.



Another tweeter stressed that "the paradox is that the Yemeni national acquires the Bahraini nationality not to work or live in Bahrain; but rather to circumvent labor laws and regulations in Saudi Arabia."

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