Parliament Fails to Pass Proposal to Stop Raising Petrol Prices

2018-01-19 - 11:14 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Parliament failed in its meeting yesterday to pass an urgent proposal, stating that the government should abide by Royal directives regarding agreement with the legislative authority on redirecting subsidies to beneficiaries and suspend the decision to raise petrol prices until consensus is achieved.

The vote was postponed until the next session due to the lack of a quorum, forcing the Parliament Speaker Ahmed Al-Mulla to adjourn the meeting, after the recess. The request was submitted by MP Mohammed Al-Ahmad and a number of other MPs.

The meeting was opened with parliamentary quarrels between a number of MPs and MP Khalid Al-Shaer in response to a statement by Minister of Parliament and Shura Council Affairs Ghanim Al-Buainain in the previous session saying that the Council agreed with the government to raise the prices of gasoline as part of the government's framework.

MP Khaled tried to prove that there was already consensus, and the quarrels intensified between Al-Shaer and Ahmed Qarata and a number of other MPs, who denied the information mentioned by the Minister was true, while the Al-Shaer stressed that there was consensus in the Committee to restore subsidies, saying: Why deceive the citizen and beat around the bush.. You want subsidies yet don't want debts?!

Minister Ghanim Al-Buainain said: I talked about the government's work agenda. Comprehending the texts may differ from the meeting of the Joint Committee to discuss the restructuring of subsidies.

The Council decided after the vote to delete Minister's words and increase petrol prices.

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