2017: A Year of Executions; 3 Dissidents Executed, 14 Face Death Row Verdicts

2018-01-08 - 4:43 ص

Bahrain Mirror - Exclusive: A year of executions. This could probably best describe 2017, the year in which the royal family was focused on executing and killing innocent people. This is the year that started with the execution of 3 dissidents, and ended with issuing death sentences against 6 others in a military court.

At the break of dawn on January 15, Bahrain felt the burn of 12 bullets piercing the hearts of Sami Mushaima, Abbass Al-Samie, and Ali Al-Singace.

12 bullets divided equally on the chests of the 3 martyrs; the Bahraini royal family was never a fan of quality since its invasion of the island, but this time, it played the equality card its own way!

It did not end here, a Bahraini court issued death sentences against Sheikh Maytham al-Jamri, Abdul Mohsen Sabah Abdul Mohsen Mohammad, and Rida Khalil Jaafar Ibrahim, after the court accused them of possessing weapons, and being responsible for a blast. These are the typical accusations addressed against the dissidents.

On March 29, a court issued death sentences against Mohammad Ibrahim Al Touq, and Mohammad Radhi Abdullah, who are accused of being responsible for the July 29, 2015 blast in Sitra, which claimed the lives of 2 Pakistani policemen.

June also witnessed issuing death sentences against 3 dissidents, as usual, accused of killing policemen. A court presided over by Ali Khalifa al-Dhahrani, issued on June 6 death sentences against Sayed Ahmad Fouad al-Abbar, and Hussein Ali Mahdi, in a case linked to killing a police officer in Karbabad.

On the 19th of the same month, the same judge ruled a death sentence against Hussein Ibrahim Marzouq accused by the authorities of being responsible for the Eker blast, which claimed the life of martyr Fakhriya Muslim on June 30, 2016. The Court of Cassation approved on November 22 the death sentence issued against him.

The Military Judiciary's death verdicts finale was when it issued death sentenced against 5 civilians and a military personnel accused of planning the assassinate Bahrain Defense Forces' Commander in Chief, Khalifa bin Ahmad Al Khalifa.

The court issued death sentences against soldier Mubarak Adel Mubarak Mhanna, Fadel Al-Sayed Abbass, Sayed Alawi Hussein, Mohammad AbdulHassan Ahmad Al-Mutghawi, Sayed Mortada al-Sindi, and Sheikh Habibi al-Jamri.

According to those number, 2017 witnessed the issuance of 14 death verdicts, i.e. the longest list since the February 2011 revolution erupted. The overall number of dissidents sentenced to death is now 18.


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