Over 1000 Passengers Stuck in Bahrain after Flight Problems on Gulf Air

2018-01-04 - 8:57 م

Bahrain Mirror: Thai Rath newspaper reported on (January 3, 2018) that 20 Thais were among more than 1,000 people stranded in Bahrain after problems on tours to the country of Georgia.

One passenger told the Thai media that problems began at Suvarnabhumi where there was a ten hour wait. Then the plane was not allowed to landing in Bahrain.

According to him, the plane had to divert to Dubai where the passengers had no visa.

The newspaper added that after flying to Bahrain on another flight the protests continued with some refusing to leave the plane until things were sorted out. They then gathered in front of Gulf Air office in the airport, however, none responded to them or provided them with any information.

The tour company in Bangkok refused to take responsibility for the mess.

Passengers had to stay for 2 days in Bahrain, demanding to return to Bangkok.

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