Death Row Convict Hussein Al-Rashed Arrested in Vast Security Campaign in Damistan

2018-01-03 - 6:44 م

Bahrain Mirror: Social media outlets said that the security authorities arrested death row convict Hussein Abdullah Al-Rashid (29 years), from Damistan, in mysterious conditions yesterday night (January 2, 2018).

"Ahrar Damistan" Twitter account said that there are concerns over Hussein Al-Abdullah who is stripped of his nationality and sentenced to long prison terms and life imprisonment. The authorities have been chasing Al-Rashid since 2008, the account explained, adding that he was transferred to the notorious Criminal Investigation Department.

The security authorities have launched vast security campaign that included dozens of houses in Damistan in the past few days. On December 31, 2017, the security authorities arrested the chased youth Mohammad Habib Hilal, who is sentenced to life prison term and is revoked of his citizenship over a political case.

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