Bahraini Woman Arrested from Bilad Al-Qadeem, Campaign of Arrests Continues in Al-Dair and Al-Diraz

2017-12-18 - 7:40 م

Bahrain Mirror: A Bahraini woman was arrested by security authorities from the Bilad Al-Qadeem area, while most of the arrests were concentrated in the Al-Dair area.

The woman who was taken into custody, Fawzia Mashallah, has been held at the criminal investigation building for two days. It is noteworthy that the security forces raided the house of Mashallah in Bilad Al-Qadeem and she was summoned to appear the next day to at the criminal investigation building without giving clear reasons. She was later transferred to the Women's Detention Center.

It is worth to note that to Fawzia Mashallah is the aunt of the detainees Hassan and Hussein Mashallah.

In Bani Jamra, the authorities arrested youth Mohammed Jaafar Al-Jamri. In Bilad Al-Qadeem, it was confirmed that the youth Ibrahim Sabt was apprehended from Bahrain International Airport and transferred to the investigation building.

In the town Diraz, security forces arrested Ali Hussein Jassem after raiding his home. Elsewhere in Al-Dair, Abdullah Jaafar Abdulazeem was arrested and he was able to make a very brief phone call in which he revealed to his family that he is being held. When his father, Jaafar Abdulazeem, 56, inquired about his son's arrest, he was arrested as well. Jaafar suffers from a number of health issues and so there's a lot of concern over his health and safety.

From Al-Dair, security forces also apprehended youth Mohammed Jamil who also made a phone call that lasted for a few seconds stating that he was being held at the investigations building. Mahmoud Al-Wazir was also taken into custody who also revealed that he is being held at the investigations building.




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