Appeal Court Overturns Prison Sentence of Al Khalifa Family Member in Libel Case, Fines him Instead

2017-11-10 - 12:20 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Second High Criminal Appeal Court overturned a verdict, sentencing a member of the ruling Al Khalifa family to prison, fining him only 300 dinars instead.

The Public Prosecutor's Office accused the owner of the "Mnarfezhom" account, Mohammed bin Saqr Al Khalifa, of "[verbally] attacking the victims in a manner that insulted their honor and reputation without mentioning any proof. This was done in a public manner, causing them to be disturbed by the abuse of mobile devices, and attributing to them an incident that would make them liable to punishment and contempt."

In the details of the appeals, it is stated that Mnarfezhom published tweets on his social media account on Twitter, which included terms offensive to the victims and comments doubting their patriotism.

In the first and second cases, the Court of First Instance fined him 100 dinars. The appeal court upheld the appealed verdict, while overturning a ruling in a third case sentencing him to two months in prison, and fining him 200 dinars instead.


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