Jaw Prison Administration Prevents Death Row Inmate from Visit for Shaking Hands with Another Detainee

2017-10-30 - 7:11 م

Bahrain Mirror: Wife of death row inmate Mohammad Ramadan said that Jaw prison administration canceled a scheduled visit for her husband on Sunday (October 29, 2017), after he shook hands with one of the detainees inside prison whom he hasn't seen for about 3 months.

Ramadan's wife said that her children can't talk to their father when he calls them because calls are made at a time children are at schools.

A Bahraini Criminal Court sentenced on (December 29, 2014) Mohammad Ramadan and Hussein Mousa to death penalty and on November 16, 2015, the cassation court rejected their appeals.

Amnesty International demanded a retrial for Mohammad Ramadan and Hussein Mousa, who were sentenced to death on the background of what is known as Al-Dair incident.

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