Austerity in Bahrain: Same Desk Stays with Student until Graduation from School

2017-10-26 - 12:59 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Director of the Education Directorate at the Bahraini Ministry of Education, Najud Al-Dosari issued a circular on what she called "the regulation (rationing) of school furniture."

The circular stipulates that "desks and chairs should be labeled with the names of the students, so that the furniture would be transferred from one grade to the next (...)" and that the student should sign a pledge to preserve the furniture.

The circular also stated that the exchange of new furniture, including desks and chairs will only take place for the purpose of expansion and due to the increase in the number of students, on the condition it is supported by documents.

The ministry has over the past few years reused old books. Parents complained that books received by their children contained answers that reduced their chances of learning.

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