Ministerial Order: New Fees Imposed on Agricultural and Veterinary Services

2017-10-17 - 1:45 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Minister of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning Eng. Essam Khalaf announced the implementation of new fees for agricultural and veterinary services, such as that provided by the the Ministry's departments of "Plant Resources" and "Animal Control and Health".

The Minister issued two decisions in this context, which were published in the Official Gazette. Decree No. 122 of 2017 was issued concerning fees for veterinary services, which were divided into four categories, first category concerns veterinary establishments license fees; the second concerns license fees for practicing doctors, and veterinary assistants, nurses and technicians; the third concerns the registration fee for veterinary establishments and the fourth and final category concerns veterinary products services fees.

The Minister of Municipalities also issued Decree No. 123 of 2017 defining the categories of fees for agricultural services which were divided into three categories: First category concerning pesticide fees, second concerning fertilizer and soil inhancer fees, and the third and final category concerning fees for seeds and seedlings.


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