NIHR Establishes Committee to Follow Implementation of Geneva UPR Recommendations

2017-10-14 - 4:52 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR) said that it established a committee to follow the government implementation of recommendations of the Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review Working Group for Bahrain, headed by the chairman of the institution and memberships of the vice president, chairman of the committee on civil and political rights, chairman of committee on economic, social and cultural rights and the Secretary-General.

NIHR said in a statement that the committee works on following the implementation of the recommendations presented by the Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review Working Group for Bahrain.

The institution explained that it will contact all relevant parties in the kingdom and will later submit its report to the board of commissioners, noting that the report will include what the government did in order to implement the recommendations, achievement ratios, the obstacles the institution faced and reasons behind not implementing these recommendations as well as the level of cooperation attained between the different parties and the committee in order to achieve its work. 


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