VIDEO: Martyr Abdel-Ridha Bouhmaid’s Father Speaks of Police Assault on him & his Wife in House Raid

2017-10-13 - 3:27 ص


Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Haj Mohammed Hassan Bouhmaid, the father of martyr Abdel-Ridha Bouhmaid, spoke of the assault launched by Bahraini interior ministry forces against him and his wife during a raid on his house in September.

In an exclusive statement, Bouhmaid said he was startled as he was getting ready to perform morning prayers at dawn, when police forces came storming into his house, revealing that they want to search the property.

He explained that in the course of this house search, during which they deliberately broke some objects in the house, they attempted to enter a locked bathroom. Haj Bouhmaid informed them that his wife was in the bathroom and that she has hearing problems so they had to wait until she came out of the bathroom. They gave no regard to the situation and broke the bathroom door, where his wife was shocked by them, and thus rushed out of the bathroom.

Haj Mohammed Hassan Bouhmaid described the police forces who raided his house as "violators of honor", adding that when they arrested a young man in the house, he (the Haj) objected, but they also attacked him, despite of his old age.

Martyr Abdel-Ridha Bouhmaid is a 28-year-old Bahraini man who was shot in the head by military forces on February 18, 2011, passing away in hospital three days later from sustained injuries.

Bouhmaid was among a group of demonstrators who marched on February 18, 2011 towards the Pearl Roundabout, following the funeral procession of Martyr Ali Abdel-Hadi Mushaima, who was martyred four days prior. As protesters approached the Pearl Roundabout, the military opened fire. Bouhmaid collapsed on the ground, bleeding from his head after he was shot by the army. The military opened fire twice. The protesters gathered after each round of shooting. Riot police intervened after that and dispersed the protesters. More than 100 demonstrators were wounded, and some sustained serious injuries. Bouhmaid was admitted to the Salmaniya hospital where they attempted to resuscitate him over the course of three days, yet he died in the afternoon of February 21, 2011.


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