Six-Month Prison Sentence Handed down to Accused for Possession of Molotov Bombs, Another Acquitted of Gas Cylinder Explosion Charges

2017-10-09 - 11:34 م

Bahrain Mirror: The high criminal court acquitted a 20-year-old man of alleged involvement in the bombing of the Sar area; which took place by setting a car on fire and placing a gas cylinder and tires inside. The decision was made due to lack of sufficient evidence and unreliable witness testimonies.

Meanwhile, the other two defendants, aged 15, were sentenced to six months in prison each for possessing Molotov cocktails and the court ordered the confiscation of the seized objects.

In its ruling on the acquittal of the first accused, the Court stated that it was in the process of assessing the charges grounds and evidence provided by the Public Prosecution, it found that the attesting witness statements and what third defendant confessed to are not worthy of its trust and confidence and do not constitute reliable evidence of conviction.
The Public Prosecution had referred the three defendants to trial after they were charged that they committed on 20/1/2017 the following:

The first defendant:

1- Attempted to cause an explosion aiming at terrorizing the residents of that area and for terrorist purposes.

2- Deliberately set fire, along with unknown others, to the said properties for terrorist purposes.

The second and third defendants were charged with possessing flammable materials, Molotov cocktails, for the purpose of endangering people's lives and personal properties.

It has been proven to the court from prior records of the second and third defendants that they have already been charged in similar cases, and it was also proved by the crime scene report that the fire was an act of arson.


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