Bahrain: 8 Citizens including 2 Children Arrested within Less than 24 Hours

2017-10-09 - 9:19 م

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: The Bahraini security authorities continued raiding the citizens houses in a number of areas. At least 7 citizens, including a child, were arrested in less than 24 hours.

Yesterday (Sunday, October 8, 2017), the security authorities arrested Ali Said Al-Rayes, a youth wanted over political cases, after raiding on of Diraz houses. They also arrested yousif Habib (brother of martyr Hussein Habib) from Bani Jamra after breaking into his house. Meanwhile, Mohsen Adel (17 years) was apprehended from Bu Quwah village following a house raid.

In less than 24 hours, the authorities launched a new security campaign arresting Ibrahim Kowaitan, a youth wanted by the security parties over political cases, through a security ambush at Al-Ekr eastern entrance. They also arrested 3 citizens from Shahrakan (Ahmad Hassan Ahmad, Sadiq Hamza Mahdi and Jassim Mohammad Abdulnabi) at the early hours of today, and transferred them to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

According to activists, the authorities arrested child Issam Hadi Jassim (15 years) from Karana and transferred him to the CID.

Citizens have been suffering from raids that are approximately carried out every night since 6 years. These raids led to arresting citizens whom the authorities bring later against them charges of political background.

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