King Hamad Receives Arabian Horse from Queen Elizabeth

2017-10-02 - 10:23 م

Bahrain Mirror: King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa received yesterday (Sunday, October 1, 2017) a gift from Queen Elizabeth II, a three-year-old Arabian horse of Bahraini breed produced by the stables of the British Queen and named Hamdani Ra'ad.

Hamad said that the gift "reflects her majesty's keenness and interest in the Arabian Bahraini horses that are characterized by their beauty and purity. The gift mirrors the deep-rooted historic relations between Bahrain and the United Kingdom," Bahrain News Agency reported.

UK maintains special relations with Bahrain, which exposes UK to criticism from international human rights organizations that accuse it of whitewashing Bahrain's bad human rights reputation.

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