Bahrain’s Interior Ministry Forces Target Annual Ashura Religious Manifestations this Morning

Ashura in Bahrain
Ashura in Bahrain

2017-09-17 - 11:08 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Interior Ministry forces launched a campaign today on Sunday (September 17, 2017), targeting religious manifestations of Ashura, a religious occasion commemorated annually by Shia citizens in the country.

Security forces removed banners and flags that read religious slogans in the Sitra and Nuwaidrat areas.

Since 2011, Bahraini authorities have been following a strict security approach against the Shiite community. Multiple incidents of assault and vandalism by the ministry's forces have taken place against Ashura manifestations. At the end of 2014, Al-Wefaq Society, which was dissolved by the authorities, recorded in a detailed report such incidents of assault. 76 violations linked to restrictions on religious freedoms were committed during the Ashura season of 1436 H. These violations were classified as follows: 45 cases of confiscation of black manifestations, 15 vandalism cases against Ashura black manifestations and food stands, 16 summonings, and one arrest of a participant and organizer of Ashura commemorations.

Most of the violations committed during Ashura in Bahrain include the confiscation and sabotage of black manifestations.


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