Bahrain: Foreign Labor Force Occupies Most Private Sector Jobs

2017-09-16 - 2:08 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Official statistics have shown a sweeping dominance of foreign workers in many job categories in Bahrain's private sector, as they have taken over jobs in the IT, financial and accounting fields as well as hotel, transport, restaurant sectors among other jobs.

The statistics issued by the Social Insurance Authority indicate that foreign employment jobs are divided into 10 categories in the private sector, the leading jobs are respectively in the sectors of construction, sales, food and hotel, manufacturing, production, electrical supply service, finance and accounting, security guard service, tailoring and fishing.

The figures show that the number of foreign employees working in the IT sector reached 3,806 workers, while the number of Bahraini employees in this sector amounts to 1,553. As for the finance and accounting sector, the number of foreign employees reached 9,498 compared to 4,421 Bahraini employees.

The statistics further show that the foreign work force occupies most jobs in the security guard service sector as well. The number of foreign employees in this sector amounts to 9,307, compared to 4,412 Bahrainis.

The figures also reveal that the number of foreign workers in the sales sector is 39,124 employees, compared to 7,929 Bahrainis, and the number of foreigners working in the restaurant and hotel sector amounts to 29,086, compared to 4,282 Bahraini employees.

According to the statistics as well, 58.9% of foreign workers in Bahrain work in the construction and real estate sector, with 275,950 workers and 5,060 workers in the fishing business.

Figures also show that the number of foreigners working in manufacturing and production and electricity and gas supply service reached 21,396, i.e. 4.6%, in addition to 8,886 foreign workers in the clothes and tailoring industry.
The number of foreign employees in the education sector amounted to 1,294, while 2,305 were employed in the healthcare sector.

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