Diabetes Patients on Hunger Strike at Risk, Authorities Pressure Sayed Al-Meshaal to Persuade Prisoners to End Strike

Political prisoners' families show solidarity (Archives)
Political prisoners' families show solidarity (Archives)

2017-09-16 - 12:31 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): A human rights source revealed that some of the hunger strikers held in Bahrain's Jaw Prison, who suffer from diabetes, are at risk.

According to the source's information, the blood sugar of said hunger strikers reached dangerous levels, as their blood sugar levels severely dropped. The prison administration; however, refused to transfer them to clinics.

The prison administration is pressuring Sayed Majid Al-Mashaal, chairman of the Islamic Scholars Council, to persuade prisoners to end their strike. Al-Mashaal is being subjected to harassment for supporting the hunger strike, the source added.

It further said that some of the strikers who appeared at court Thursday afternoon were suffering from fatigue.

It is noteworthy that clerics in Bahrain called for voicing solidarity with the prisoners and called for international action to uncover the rights violations practiced by the prison administration against prisoners of conscience.

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