British Foreign Office Spokesman: We Will Examine Amnesty Int’l Report on Bahrain

British Foreign Office Spokesman
British Foreign Office Spokesman

2017-09-12 - 3:28 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): British Foreign Office spokesman Edwin Samuel said his government would examine the Amnesty International report, which stated that the silence of Britain and the US contributed to the increase in human rights violations in Bahrain.

"The government of Bahrain has done a lot in the field of human rights reforms," Samuel said in an interview with BBC. "We express our fears and concern when there are human rights violations," he added.

"We have not seen what is happening in Bahrain. We must recognize that there has been significant progress and that there is a political dimension to the crisis because of Iran," he said, after the interviewer pointed out that Samuel's praise of Bahrain confirms Amnesty International's criticism of the UK.

The British official did not express his condemnation of the violations taking place in Bahrain.


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