Press Conference for Bahraini Governmental Institution: Prisons are Free from Torture

2017-09-11 - 9:43 م

Bahrain Mirror: Days after Amnesty issued its report in which it confirmed that Bahrain oppresses its dissidents, a Bahraini governmental institution asserted that prisons are free from any form of systematic torture and ill-treatment.

The National Institution for Human Right (NIHR) said in a press conference that "the reformation, rehabilitation and detention centers for women are free from any form of systematic torture or abuse against inmates regardless of the nature of their sentences".

The institution, whose members are assigned by the king, announced that it has paid an unannounced visit to the centers in coordination with the Interior Ministry.

Amnesty's report entitled "No One Can Protect You" stressed that Bahrain tortured dissident activists.

The NIHR announced a week ago that it will organize a press conference to reveal new successes in the Bahraini human rights file.

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