Bahraini Forces Launch Widespread Security Crackdown: 8 Citizens Arrested in Sanabis & 2 others in Al-Barhama and Muqaba

2017-09-05 - 7:10 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Bahraini security forces launched a large-scale operation on Monday morning (September 4, 2017), which resulted in a number of arrests in Sanabis and Al-Barhama. A man returning from Hajj (pilgrimage) was also taken into custody at the King Fahd Causeway exit.

Activists said that the authorities arrested Jassim Abdulhassan Ramadan after raiding his house. Meanwhile, the house raids in the Sanabis area led to the arrests of Sami Mushaima's brother Abbas, Ahmed Al-Muhraqi, Mohammed Khalaf, Ahmad Radhi, Abdullah Al-Asafra, Sayed Sadeq Sayed Jaafar, Issa Hassan, Sayed Hussein Sayed Hadi.

On a similar note, Bahraini security authorities arrested Ahmad Abdul Jalil from the Muqabah area, through the King Fahd Causeway, during his return from Hajj.


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