Opposition Leader Rejected Armament Offers & Warned against Consequences of Arming Any Bahraini, Lawyer

شيخ علي سلمان
شيخ علي سلمان

2017-08-25 - 8:24 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Lawyer Abdullah Al-Shamlawi, member of the defense team of Bahraini opposition leader and Al-Wefaq Secretary-General Sheikh Ali Salman said he heard the latter say, during the investigation (by the security authorities and later in the Public Prosecutor's Office), that he rejected offers to arm the opposition and warned (those who proposed the idea of ​​arming) of the consequences of arming any Bahraini.

Al-Shamlawi's statement was made via his Twitter account as he commented on a tweet by opposition figure Yusuf al-Khaja, who said, "who- Sheikh Ali Salman-declares that he was offered arms to achieve demands and (refused) the offer spends 4 years in prison, yet he who was trained to overthrow the regime is free and heads a newspaper," referring to the editor of Al-Watan newspaper owned by the Royal Court, Yousef Al-Bankhilil, who was trained at the Qatar's Academy of Change, which Bahrain recently accused of planning to overthrow the regime.

Al-Shamlawi commented on Al-Khaja's tweet by pointing out that Sheikh Ali Salman not only refused to arm the opposition, but also warned them against the arming of any Bahraini, in a new assertion that Salman sought both privately and publicly to keep the movement in Bahrain peaceful and distant from violence.

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