Lawyer Al-Shamlawi: Prosecution Arrests Sayed Mohieldin Al-Mashaal for Week Pending Investigation

2017-08-16 - 11:35 م

Bahrain Mirror: Lawyer Abdullah Al-Shamlawi said that the Public Prosecution decided on Wednesday (August 16, 2017) to arrest Shiite cleric Sayed Mohieldin Al-Mashaal for a week pending investigation, after charging him with "inciting hatred against the regime and attacking one of the sects".

Al-Shamlawi explained in tweets on his Twitter account that the investigation started at 1 PM and was concluded at 4 PM, noting that he demanded Sayed Al-Mashaal's release.

Al-Shamlawi tweeted today morning that the Public Prosecution did not allow him to meet his client before starting investigating him.

The authorities arrested Shiite cleric Sayed Mohieldin Al-Mashaal while returning from Kuwait, on King Fahd Causeway and transferred him arrested to the prosecution.

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