Bilad Al-Qadeem Residents Complain of Neglect: Mosques Vulnerable to Collapse, Overcrowded Schools & Health Center

2017-08-06 - 7:17 م

Bahrain Mirror: The residents of Bahrain's Bilad Al-Qadeem complained that their area has been neglected by the government, adding that there are a number of mosques prone to collapse.

They called for providing a housing project that covers many of their housing requests, calling on the officials to pay attention to their area and provide basic services.
The residents said that there are some things that need quick intervention, most importantly the necessity to reduce the crowding at the area's health center and provide enough parking spaces, in addition to improving some of the streets to put an end to long traffic lines at the entrances and exits of the village.

The residents further noted that there are mosques that need to be urgently reconstructed since they are vulnerable to collapse, also highlighting that there is overcrowding in educational institutions, stressing on the importance of building new schools to accommodate at least secondary students.

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