Tweeter Yousef Al-Jamri: I am Waiting for Official Subpoena or to Get Arrested from my Home

2017-08-04 - 9:08 م

Bahrain Mirror: Responding to some of the news circulated on social media outlets at the dawn of Friday (August 4, 2017), tweeter Yousef Al-Jamri denied being arrested by security forces.

Al-Jamri stressed that he will not head to any party based on phone calls and that he is waiting for an official subpoena or to get arrested from his house.

Al-Jamri had published on his Twitter account the torture he was subjected to and the degrading treatment he received inside the National Security Apparatus (NSA) building, indicating that he was threatened to be rapped. He also pleaded the king to protect him and his family from the NSA's threats.

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