Photos: Two Cars Owned by Shiite Cleric Set to Fire Hours after his Release

2017-08-03 - 8:31 م

Bahrain Mirror: Activists on social media posted photos showing two burnt cars owned by Shiite cleric Sheikh Ali Hmaidan, few hours after his release.

Photos circulated by activists at the dawn of Thursday (August 3, 2017) showed the civil defence that extinguished the fire before it reached Sheikh Hmaidan's house. The reason behind the incident wasn't know.

Cars of dissidents had already been set to fire. The authorities said that the fire was caused by an electric contact. Meanwhile, activists said that it was a deliberate action, aiming at silencing the opposition voices.

Sheikh Ali Hmaidan was arrested at the onset of August 2016 and was sentenced to one year in prison over Diraz protest.

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