Bahrain: Newspaper Owned by Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Attack on Group, Reminds Gov’t of Supporting Stances

2017-07-07 - 8:16 م

Bahrain Mirror: A Bahraini newspaper owned by the Muslim Brotherhood rejected the attack on the group, amid intensifying disputes with Qatar after accusing it of supporting the Islamic affiliation.

The weekly Al-Nabaa' newspaper, in its Wednesday issue, responded to the attack on the Muslim Brotherhood in newspapers and social media platforms, wondering how "could their concern be incitement against society components."

The newspaper also wondered how such groups are "allowed to continue slander and accusation under delicate and sensitive conditions in the region, without any direct reference to the Qatari crisis.

"Allowing these few people to attack and provoke the components of society under these circumstances is really strange, and serves only the enemies of the country who do not wish it good, let alone the attack on renowned components known by Bahrainis for their patriotism," the newspaper added.

Moreover, Al-Nabaa' recalled the Muslim Brotherhood' stances with the ruling family in the face of a vast popular uprising, which sought an end to the Al Khalifa regime.

Bahraini Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmad Al Khalifa had warned anyone from expressing sympathy with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood has a high representation in the Bahraini parliament, and in security and judicial apparatuses, an issue that triggered criticism against Bahrain for accusing Qatar of sponsoring this affiliation.

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