Sayed Abdullah al-Ghuraifi: Bahrain Will not be Healed through Severe Security Choices

2017-07-07 - 8:13 م

Bahrain Mirror: Senior Bahraini Cleric Sayed Abdullah al-Ghuraifi wondered, "Hasn't the time come to reconsider what serves the interests of this nation and the people, especially that this stage is accompanied with the most complex challenges." He believed that "this time imposes a new reading on all options and variables based on the religious, moral, and national constants."

In a statement Thursday (July 6, 2017), Sayed Al-Ghuraifi noted that people are still praying for this country to be saved from all its crises that have become a huge burden on its people. He further stressed that "this country will not be healed by severe security choices, as they are choices that push towards more complications and tensions.

He confirmed that the country would "be healed from its crises through understanding, dialogue, and convergence, and when trust among all its components is enhanced, between the regime and the people."

"Severe choices have their hard results, and this is what we don't aspire for this country, and all its religious, social, legal, and political statuses," he went on to say.

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