Sheikh Hassan Sultan’s Son tortured to Work for National Security Apparatus

2017-06-23 - 9:03 م

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: Among its efforts to recruit activists and their relatives to work for its sake, the National Security Apparatus summoned Mohammad Sultan, son of the former Al-Wefaq MP Sheikh Hassan Sultan.

Mohammad was tortured at the hand of officer, Mohammad Hazim, in Muharraq security complex. Mohammad Sultan was prevented from leaving the country and was summoned for investigation again in the security complex on Friday.

The security complex had summoned a number of activists who disclosed to "Bahrain Mirror" details about them being subjected to brutal torture and sexual abuse in order to stop their activities and work for the security apparatuses.

Bahrain TV broadcast this week phone calls between Sheikh Hassan Sultan and Qatari official during the 2011 protests planning to oust the regime. Meanwhile, the Parliament and governmental media outlets demanded to punish those whose names were mentioned in the phone calls.

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