Video: Al-Ghuraifi: What Happened in Diraz a "Bitter Experience", Crisis not in Anyone's Favor

2017-06-04 - 7:36 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Prominent Shiite cleric Sayed Abdullah al-Ghuraifi, confirmed that no one seeks harm to Bahrain, stressing that "anything that leads the country towards more tension, worry, fear, and lack of security and stability" is not acceptable.

In a speech he gave in Imam Sadiq Mosque (June 3, 2017), Al-Ghuraifi described what happened in Diraz as a "bitter experience". He added that "having bloodshed is not an easy matter. We never hoped for this holy month of Allah to be like this. Expectations had it that this month will be a start line for forgiveness and tolerance."

Sayed Al-Ghuraifi called on the Bahraini government and opposition to reconsider its calculations out of this tensioned crisis. He further confirmed that "keeping the situation in its crisis will not one in anyone's favor."

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