Leaks: UAE Ambassador Calls for Moving US Base in Qatar for Hosting Hamas Meetings

2017-06-04 - 6:25 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Documents leaked from the email of UAE Ambassador to Washington, Yousef Al Otaiba, revealed his call for Washington to move the US military base in Doha.

The documents showed exchanged emails between Al Otaiba and and FDD Senior Counselor John Hannah - a former deputy national security adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney. On April 28, 2017, Hannah complains to Otaiba that Qatar - a rival Gulf government that has clashed with the UAE in recent months over various issues - is hosting a meeting of Hamas at an Emirati-owned hotel.

Otaiba responds that it's not the Emirati government's fault, and that the real issue is the U.S. military base in Qatar, "How's this, you move the base then we'll move the hotel :-)."

The US "Daily Beast" daily started on Saturday (June 3, 2017) the revelation of documents it leaked from hackers who refer to themselves as "GlobalLeaks", who were able to breach the UAE Ambassador's email, and leak some of its information to the newspaper.



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