Sheikh Bashar al-A’li Released after Interrogations over Speech in Diraz Martyrs’ Eulogy

2017-06-04 - 6:10 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini authorities released (Saturday June 3, 2017) Shiite cleric Sheikh Bashar al-A'li, after almost 5 hours of interrogations.

Al-A'ali was summoned by Hamad Town police Station, along with the administration of Sar Obsequy, where the eulogy for the five Diraz martyrs was held.

According to activists, the interrogation with Sheikh al-A'li was over a speech he delivered Friday (June 2, 2017) in Sar Grand Obsequy, the first eulogy days over the Diraz martyrs. The Sar Obsequy administration was interrogated for the symbolic coffins put for the martyrs in the obsequy, along with the picture of Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim. They were asked to remove it.

The families of the 5 Diraz martyrs launched a 3-day mourning eulogy ceremony in Sar Obsequy since Friday (June 2). This comes after they failed to retrieve their son's corpse to bury them in cemeteries of their choice.

طالبت الداخلية إدارة مأتم سار بإنزال صورة آية الله قاسم مع الشهداء الخمسة

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