Editorial: The Debt of Blood; Aftermath of May 23

2017-05-31 - 4:00 ص

Bahrain Mirror: May 23 made its way into the history of freedom. This anarchic regime however, accumulated its record in the history of shame, instead of proving its legitimacy though the voice of the people. It rather indulged in its brutality through sucking their blood; and so it is not worthy of being splashed by the blood of the sacrificing martyrs. We shall not use this sacred blood but as fuel and fire leading us to freedom. We shall not spoil the purest of blood for any aim but to continue on the path of those who sacrificed themselves, and those who were detained.

Our freedom, which we will one day celebrate, will be a city for those who laid on the grounds, and took cover by the skies, and those who left their mothers, wives and children, and adhered to hope. This freedom is a city to those who ran barefoot towards the armored vehicles and mercenary commando forces who sold their humanity cheaply to a tyrant who buys and rents them from everywhere.

There were no terrorists in Diraz, and there was no counter-terrorism operation. There was a crime, a massacre, and there was an assault. There is no need for inquiry missions or investigation committees; the blood shed is our blood, and the violated town is our town. Their intended target is the head who traced Bahrain's constitution, the raided homes are ours, the women hit are our women, and the wounded are our people. Who then, is the terrorist?

Shall we ask those who said they are with the regime in its counter-terrorism operations? As the German Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said. How many booby-trapped cars exploded in Diraz? How many policemen died in Diraz? How many security vehicles were burnt in Diraz? How many bullets were fired by protesters in Diraz? How many bombs were found in Diraz? The answer is: A "Zero" to your left and another "Zero" to all values claimed by the West, from Trump's Washington, to London, the maker of tyrants.

The regime committed a massacre against us in broad daylight; only two days after the US President met the mad King, and only 1 day after Head of the Defense Force Marshal, met with Commander of the US Fifth Fleet in Manama. This is the clearest truth supported by all evidence, on top of which is our blood. We accuse this whole system of completely supporting the lethal regime, in weapons, training, intelligence and politics.

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