Security Forces Seize Control of House near Sheikh Isa Qassim’s Domicile, Expel its Owners

2017-05-30 - 7:36 م

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: The incidents of the bloody attack carried out on Diraz at the morning of (May 23, 2017) that left at least 5 martyrs and more than 100 injuries, 8 of whom are in the intensive care, haven't come to an end yet.

The attack, in which the house of Sheikh Isa Qassim was raided, was accompanied by a number of strict security measures, including deployment of new checkpoints inside the small village.

Among the measures taken by the security forces affiliated to the Ministry of Interior is taking over a house facing Sheikh Isa Qassim's. The security forces raided the house, stole money from it and expelled the owners. The forces are now using the house and sleeping in its bedrooms.

According to eyewitnesses, the house is owned by citizen "Ali Zainuldeen" whom the security forces stole his money while raiding his house, noting that he had saved the money to repair and renovate the house.

In the same context, one of the Diraz residents told Bahrain Mirror that the security forces deployed a new checkpoint near Sheikh Isa Qassim's house and asked one of the house owners to provide policemen with a room and a rest room. However, the house owner apologized despite the police insistence. On the second day when the owner's wife tried to move her car to go to work and she was surprised to see an armored vehicle approaching her to destroy her car, in a direct threat to target the citizens' lives in case they refuse to cooperate with police.

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