France 24: Trump is Accused of Provoking New Wave of Repression against Shia in Bahrain

2017-05-27 - 11:58 م

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: France 24 channel said in an article on its website that "president Trump is accused of giving the green light to Bahrain's king, whom he met in Riyadh, to escalate oppression against his Shiite citizens."

It add that "the operation in Diraz happened 48 hours after Riyadh meeting," indicating that Trump said while taking a photo with the Bahraini King "We're going to have a very, very long-term relationship. I look forward to it very much - many of the same things in common."

Radhi Al-Mosawi from the National Democratic Action Society (Wa'ad) said that "it is clear that the timing of this security operation is linked to the meeting between the US president and the Bahraini King. We know that Donald Trump doesn't care about human rights and that it is not an important matter in his opinion, especially when it comes to business and selling arms in return for few billions of dollars."

Bahrain Center for Human Rights pointed out that "Trump gave Bahrain King a blank check to keep on oppressing his people," adding that "the US administration has blood on its hands because it provided weapons to the Bahraini regime without any condition."

Scarlette Haddan, a Lebanese journalist, posted a tweeting saying "The first effect of Trump's visit: A military action for the regime in Bahrain against peaceful opposition: It is not related to democracy or rights anymore."



Amnesty International had called to conduct an independent investigation into the "excessive use of force" against the "peaceful" protestors.

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