Mulla Sadiq Ghuloom Admits to Praying on Martyrs after Threats to Bury them without Washing or Prayers

2017-05-27 - 3:41 م

Bahrain Mirror: A cleric named Mulla Sadiq Mohammad Ghuloom admitted to praying on the bodies of martyrs even without the permission of their parents and families. After "Bahrain Mirror" reported news on this level, he was inquired in this regard, and he confirmed that "Yes" he performed the prayers "After he received a call warning them if they didn't attend they will be buried without washing or praying."

"I consulted some clerics in the area, and they told me to go because it is an emergency, better than to be buried without washing them or praying on them," Mulla Sadiq said in a text.

This comes after the martyrs' parents texted Mulla Sadiq asking him, whether he prayed on them, after news spread about their burial.

The security forces buried on Friday (May 26, 2017) the 5 Diraz martyrs, after their families refused to bury them in the cemeteries decided by the Ministry of Interior.

The information added that martyrs Mohammad Al-Sari, Mohammad Zeinnuldine, and Mohammad al-Akri were buried in the Muharraq cemetery, while martyrs Ahmad Al-Asfour and Mohammad Hamdan were buried in Mahooz cemetery.

In the details, the information indicated that Asian dug the graves for the martyrs, while Bahrainis assigned by the Jaafari Waqf Directorate (Endowment) washed the corpse of the martyrs. A cleric named Mullah Sadiq Mohammad Ghuloom performed prayers on them. Mulla Sadiq is the custodian of Muharraq cemetery, who is assigned by the Endowment directorate to be present in death of Hayyak, Sagha, and Banna'in neighborhoods.

The families of the martyrs demanded that they receive their sons' bodies to wash and bury them based on the teachings of the Shiite sect. The Ministry of Interior however added to the crime of killing them, the crime of burying them in secret.

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