Sheikh Isa Al-Moamen Arrested from Court after his 3-Month Jail Term Upheld

2017-05-25 - 6:55 م

Bahrain Mirror: The security authorities arrested on Thursday (May 25, 2017) preacher of Al-Kheif Mosque, Shiite cleric Sheikh Isa Al-Moamen from the court after his 3-month jail term was upheld over a Friday sermon he delivered.

The family said that the court rejected the objection presented by Sheikh Al-Moamen's lawyer against the appeals verdict that sentences Sheikh Isa to 3 months in prison. Al-Moamen was arrested from the court after the verdict was issued and he is supposed to be transferred to Jaw prison to serve his sentence.

The family said that Al-Moamen faces another 3-month jail verdict over another case in which he is accused of inciting hatred against the regime, over the background of a Friday sermon he delivered in July 2016, indicating that the second case is being considered at the appeals court which is supposed to hold another session today in the afternoon.

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