Bahrain: 1 Martyred, Dozens Injured in Raid on Diraz, Security Forces Siege Shiite Leader’s House

2017-05-23 - 6:30 م


Bahrain Mirror - Exclusive: Bahrain was struck by deep security turmoil today morning (Tuesday May 23, 2017) after authorities raided the town of Diraz, home to the country's Shiite majority spiritual leader, Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim. The town has been a site for an open sit-in since the revocation of his citizenship by authorities 11 months ago.

Despite conflicting reports regarding the aim of the attack, security forces remain deployed at the door of Sheikh Qassim's house, while used bulldozers to remove all signs of the protest staged outside his house.

A protester was killed after he sustained an injury in the vast security attack conducted by many security apparatuses. The forces attacked protesters with assault weapons, shotgun bullets, and teargas canisters. Dozens of protesters were reported injured, among them with severe injuries.

Ambulances could not reach Diraz, while photos circulated showed Bahrainis trying to rush an injured protester to receive medical care.

Moreover, broadcasted photos by activists showed young and old protesters in their blood, while protesters attempted to climb on armored vehicles to stop it from advancing towards Ayatollah Qassim's house.

Chaos made its way across the Budaiya street after the security forces closed its main entrance at al-Qidam roundabout, following by a heavy security deployment. In addition to Diraz, 20 other villages are located adjacent to Budaiya street, and more than 125 thousand citizens reside there.

The Ministry of Interior announced the closure of the Budaiya street leading to Diraz, and asked people to take other roads. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education addressed schools in Diraz and asked them to dismiss their students.

The Ministry of Interior dubbed its Diraz raid a security operation to maintain order and remove violations, it avoided referring to martyr killed among protesters during its security operation.

This operation comes two day after a Bahraini court issued a verdict sentencing Sheikh Qassim to a suspended 1 year in prison, and a 100,00 dinar fire, after convicting him with gathering "Khums" money without license.

Since authorities revoked Sheikh Qassim's citizenship, thousands of protesters staged an open sit-in outside his house in Diraz. Authorities forces since then, imposed a siege on the town, closing all entrances and installing checkpoints.



















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