British Military Attaché Says Bahrain Faces Terrorist Attacks every Month

2017-05-18 - 9:26 م

Bahrain Mirror: The British military attaché in Bahrain, Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew Price, said that improvised explosive devices in the streets of Bahrain "blown up by terrorists" pose a threat to Bahrainis every day.

The military attaché spoke of "many incidents of explosives that led to many civilian injuries, in addition to an attack in which security men were injured while they were on a bus on their way to Jaw [Central Prison]."

In an interview on the sidelines of the British-Bahraini Conference on Explosives Control (Wednesday May 17, 2017), Price added, "Every month there are a number of terrorist attacks in the streets, and over the past two years there have been a number of civilians who have been wounded in such attacks by terrorists; [attacks] that don't differentiate between the victims."

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